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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spooky Cuties Kit and Happy Fall Y'all Kit at Artscow

I entered two new fall kits into the Digital Scrapbooking Contest at Artscow. Please go vote for me by clicking the "Add to My Kits" button next to my kits or click these links:
These kits will be FREE for 2 weeks only during the contest. So be sure and add them now to not be charged when you use them in your projects, photo books, and such. Hope you enjoy using them!

From comments I have received, I need to clarify. At Artscow, you can't download the kits to your computer. You simply use the kits in their online designer program to create your projects. My kits will be free on Artscow for 2 weeks. Then, after that they will be changed to a pay-to-use kit. After the contest, I may put links up here for you to download the kit for free/purchase. Hope that clarifies for those of you who are new to Artscow. It's a fun place to create lots of personalized stuff. I have made some notepads, mousepads, a deck of cards all from different kits of mine. If you haven't explored all you can make you should go check it out here.


BlueCat said...

Great kits!
I registered, added the beautiful kit Happy Fall Y'all but what else? Impossible to dl it. Sure, I didn't understand something. So I removed it in my count.

Anyway it's very pretty, love its papers.

Kamá said...

Happy Fall Y'all is absolutelly adorable! I joined Artcow.com, but don´t know, how it´s work, can´t orientate and DL the kit to work with it. Shame, you don´t have links here... Hugs from Prague.

Anonymous said...

I was also disappointed to go through all of registering and then find out I am only to be able to use it with Artscow project and not be able to download
it. It is a beautiful kit. Good luck with the contest.

Amanda said...

So cute! You are getting GOOD!